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Free Notion library, resources to help you to grow as a designer. Saving you a lot of time:)

The year is coming to an end and. It has been a challenging year with COVID-19. Here in the Netherlands, we are now in a complete lockdown. Everything is closed, and only the supermarkets are open. I hope this holiday season gives you a lot of joy and a pleasant time with family and friends. My goal for 2022 is to write more valuable articles in the new year, but it is challenging because it takes a lot of time. But I will do my best for you. To thank you for reading my journal, you get my best design resources for free. This is a Notion library, in it you’ll find a collection of the “Design Basics” with the best resources, articles, videos and books. That I have collected over the past 11+ years, and that have contributed to my development as a designer.

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Hi! I'm Remon Leijtens

I hope you got value out of my writing. If I can help in some small way on your design journey I’d love to hear it – comment below, email me or tweet at me.

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