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My go-to sites for design inspiration

We all know the struggle: staying inspired as a designer is tough. The constant pressure to come up with fresh ideas can be overwhelming.

You sit down, ready to create something amazing, and then… nothing. What the f*** happened to my creativity. Endless scrolling through the same sites left me feeling drained and uninspired. The blank screen stares back at you like an unyielding void. Whether you’re an experienced designer or just starting out, there will be times when you hit a creative block, and finding inspiration becomes really crucial. I understand how challenging that can be.

When designers start a project, they need to really get what problem they’re solving. It’s like building a puzzle – you need to fit each piece precisely, not just force them together. Lots of designers use sites like Dribbble or Behance for inspiration, but sometimes it can get overwhelming and repetitive. The stuff the algorithms come up with might not always be what you’re looking for. Right now, there’s a bunch of concept work but not much real-world stuff on that platforms. So, I use more real-life examples to get inspired.

Here are my go-to sites for inspiration:

  1. Fonts in use
  2. Visual journal
  3. The essential
  4. Godly
  5. Land Book
  6. Unsection
  7. Abduzeedo
  8. httpster
  9. Savee
  10. Footer design
  11. Mobbin
  12. The designer and the grid
  13. Awwwards
  14. Muzli
  15. Maxi best of
  16. Navbar

Now that you’ve found some nice inspiration, how can we turn this chaos into order? I’ll show you how I do this by putting everything into four categories.

  1. Typography
  2. Grid & composition
  3. Colors
  4. Imagery
Here I show you how I organise my inspiration in a Figma artboard.

I wish I could hop in a time machine and tell my younger self that categorizing my inspirations really helps shape my next design.
I really hope this guide helps you find the inspiration you need to take your designs to the next level. Remember, inspiration can strike from anywhere, so keep exploring and let your creativity flow. Please don’t hesitate to share your favourite go-to sites.

Let me know if you need any further tips or have any questions. I’m here to help!

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